Yesterday I asked our agency if they had heard anything new on the medical.  Today they told me that the CCAA sent it back to them and asked that they have it translated here in the states, even though they pay the CCAA for dossier translations.  So it is with the agency's stateside translator now and hopefully should be going back to China tomorrow.  I think they probably didn't understand some of the medical jargon, but when it was simple, they wanted more detail.  Aargh!

06/02/2011 8:44pm

This waiting is making me crazy too! I check your blog everyday for updates. The more I hear about Eva, the more eager I am for her to arrive in the states and start her new life. Plus, I am eager to see how she is doing. I'd like to send a letter and photos with you when you go, so the nannies can know how Wu Yi is doing.

06/03/2011 2:47am

I would be happy to take an update on Wu Yi (if I ever get there!) My husband didn't know I'd asked for the update and then yesterday afternoon said, you heard anything yet on that medical form? So he is working on the same mental timeline that I am, I guess.
Fingers crossed...

06/03/2011 4:08am

Ruby - I'm still laughing about that - y'all know that "government" is "government" everywhere - right? It's all the same whine - just a different bottle! (and no - that's not a typo - government types LOVE whine!)

hugs - aus and co.

April Z.
06/03/2011 7:23pm

Aaaargh! So frustrating!!! I'm also checking your blog a few times a week to see if there are any updates. I can't wait for the day I see you have TA.


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