I have to admit I was getting a little bit nervous about our dossier.  It was hand carried to China by our agency in late February but we do not have a LID yet and we had also not received a bill.  G takes medication that is normally prescribed for depression but he takes it to control vertigo and even though our agency had the medical pre-approved last August, you never know, right?  So I was very excited (yeah, in a sick sort of way) when I opened my email tonight and had an invoice from my agency!

03/15/2011 8:37am

I know your excited.

03/16/2011 5:37am

Lots in these couple - GREAT pinewood derby car - and we love the robotics thing too!

But mostly - a bill is good news when it's for something that you have worked so hard for.....yeah - then it's good stuff!

hugs - aus and co.


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