We are sending a package to Eva using Ann at Red Thread.  Because Eva is way out in the boonies, the package hasn't arrived yet, but Ann did send an email to me today with updated photos and measurements of our wee little girl.

She is 43.3" tall
She weights just under 40 pounds
She will wear a size 5.

Remember that Aidan is eight weeks younger than she is?  He wears a 10-12.

And now, on to the pictures:

06/23/2011 8:52am

what a beauty!!! remind me how old she is!!

06/23/2011 9:19am

She turned seven at the beginning of March. She'll be getting a Barbie doll that looks like she could be her twin-same hair length and bangs. Hope she likes it!

April Z.
06/23/2011 10:05am

The pictures are great! She looks beautiful and I love the smile!! I think in a lot of the other pictures I've seen of her she's not smiling. She looks happy and healthy. How exciting that you'll be getting her soon.

06/23/2011 9:56pm

She is beautiful! Thanks for keeping up with our blog. Another tip is to do your shopping at the grocery store in the mall. Just ask your guide where the one is with the Toys r us. The grocery store is on the very bottom. It is clean, not crowded & air-conditioned. The Wal-Mart was insane & the opposite of everything I just described. Once I am home if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you move quickly & get here!


06/26/2011 1:54pm

She is gorgeous! And what a smile. She is a peanut too.


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