My husband and I have always talked about living where it is warmer.  He didn't want to go when we were younger-said to wait till the kids were grown.  I said if we didn't go then, we never would; I won't leave my children and grandchildren.  So here we are still, but I'm home with a sinus infection and we're expecting 6-12" of snow on Friday, so I started checking out other states.  I know that the cost of living in NH is high-we're #40.  Turns out that it's lowest in Arkansas and Oklahoma (tie).  But you know how that is.  You might get paid less there too.  So I had to check out everything else that was being measured.  Overall, our state ranks #21.  But then I looked at the middle category, where they measured overall quality of life, and it turns out that we're #1.  So we'll probably stay right where we are.


03/30/2011 9:15pm

I am totally envious of your life in NH when I see the outdoor photos!! Wu Yi and I may have to come visit this fall!

04/01/2011 6:49am

Ya know - I do kind of love that area - and quality of life is really what it's all about! Staying is good - now go hunker down for this one and it'll be gone by first of next week!

hugs - aus and co.


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