Hallelujah!  Some good news at last.  It is 1:47 in the morning and I just found a fax slid under the door.  It has both a State Department authentication as well as a Chinese embassy seal, and the DHL tracking number written on it.

After breakfast I booked an extension on our room.  I asked for three days (until my package arrives) and they said I could have it for six.  So I took it-I can always cancel the last three days.

My travel mate's daughter came to visit while she packed.  Packing stresses adopted children out-they don't know what is happening, but they do know that everything new and now familiar is disappearing.

My travel mate's mother gave us a ton of leftover food and gave me a magazine (I'm desperate for something to read).  Then they were off to the airport.

When our guide got back from the airport, we went to the translator's office with my fax.  I have a new civil affairs appointment for Thursday morning, and we are going to try to get the passport expedited.  We will use a taxi that day for our errands, since the driver is no longer paid for.  I will have to pay 650 yuan for our trip to the airport so that I can have a driver and a car big enough for luggage.

The three of us went swimming in the afternoon and ate supper in the dining room.  I get a sick to my stomach feeling every time we pass my travel mate's door and break out in a cold sweat.  Aidan wants to knock or ring the bell, so I just tell him that they went bye-bye.

Aidan has figured out how to color within the lines and has been working intently at it since his bath.


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