I'm one of those people that is late if I'm only five minutes early.  But I waited to call in for our "travel meeting" which was to be by telephone conference call tonight at 7:00.  The host had not yet arrived, so every 20-30 seconds the service said, "Please continue to hold".  I held.  After 25 minutes of holding I hung up.

So I sent an email to our contact and she called to say she was on the phone getting the same message at the same time that I was.  She's now on her cell phone with the other lady traveling to adopt while I'm on hold-let's see if we can get a three way conversation going after all.

In the meantime, here is what I do know:

I do know what hotels we are staying in and how much $ I have to send to the China coordinator for in-country lodging, travel, and tourism.  I also know how much the orphanage donation is going to be and approximately how much our son's expenses are going to be for his medical exam, visa, passport, etc.  What I don't know is the logistics of some of these arrangements.


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