We finally got the Internet problem solved-it was a drop line issue and the point of disconnect was under the porch-not checked on the first or second tech visits so it was fixed today with three techs and about 3-1/2 hours of work by them.

Our first grandson is going to kindergarten in the fall.  Since he has sensory processing disorder, our daughter is sending him to the five weeks of summer school offered at our elementary school.  He just loves it!  Here he is getting off the bus on that first day:
Then, I interviewed him about his day so that our daughter could see his very first comments about it:
Did you hear all the kids in the first video, calling out greetings to Aidan?  It made him decide to go to summer school as well.  Today was his first day.  He was very nervous even though this is his school and he knows the kids and staff; he said that his belly hurt and he was cold-the kind of cold that comes with a belly ache.  Tomorrow is his first field trip-they have one each Thursday.  He is very nervous about that.  He asked me if I could chaperone but I already made an appointment for the youngest dog to get his second Lepto shot while Aidan was away because he hates to go with me if that dog is going to be hurt-he doesn't care about the other two.  So we'll see how tomorrow goes.

I told the boys that when they got home from the field trip shortly after lunch we could go to the beach, but they would rather go to my brother's gravel pit, so there we'll be.

07/14/2011 3:48am

Ain't it nice to have you tech working? I forgot to suggest you check the line to the house - I remember our's being cut by the guy grading the lot during construction - and how he pitched a royal fit when I insisted that he replace the line rather than repair it - but I didn't want that grief down the road later!!

Great that they love school isn't it? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

07/14/2011 6:01am

Hi Ruby, Thanks for always stopping by to say hi. I so hope you get to China soon, your newest little one is so cute! I guess I didn't realize you were from NH, it's beautiful up there, my mom was born there, I was born in Conn., spent my summers out on Cape Cod. Trish


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