I have been unable to post any pictures for a while, so here is a lot of stuff for lost time.  We've been busy with the dentist (Aidan managed one filling but couldn't sit for a novacaine shot so the second one will have to be done with laughing gas), planning a birthday party (his first at five years old and LB's big 18th), watching my brothers move and spread the cow manure now that it has melted, and celebrating Easter.

Eating cookies at the saphouse

I had trouble again after this picture loaded, so I just threw a bunch together here.  They are Aidan and LB at the Easter egg hunt, the boys checking out the manure pile, visiting the cow pastures with their cousins, my youngest sister's first child at her spring concert, random relatives at the Sunrise Service, cakes that my nephew's fiancee made, and the boys again at the Easter egg hunt.  I'm going to try to post some more pics under Photos and under GB and LB's pages.


04/21/2009 6:50pm

Do those boys have as much fun together as they appear?

That Easter cake is BEAUTIFUL!

04/22/2009 5:56am

There is a definite rivalry between them, but only when they are on our turf. So there is no rivalry at RB's house, at daycare, at relatives' homes, just here.


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