As soon as G picked Aidan up at school, he was met with a seven year old's determination not to go back that night for the spring concert.  Aidan said, "I'm shy".  That can actually be true, for the first five minutes, but this kid loves music.  So I insisted that he go and here is the result.
Then there are some kids who can't stay awake when it's past their bedtime, even for a "green" concert.  This little guy was sitting in front during the finale sucking his thumb.  (Kindergarten student)
And for those of you checking in to see what's new with Eva's adoption, I asked the agency yesterday if they had got the newly translated letter off on Friday, as expected, and they had.  So it is with the CCWA now and I'm hoping for two things:  1.  That they approve it right away, and 2.  That they let us know when they have approved it.

06/08/2011 4:11am

Morning Ruby - had to Mr. Mom yesterday so that Grandma, Marie, and daughter could work on 'wedding things' for daughter...yeah....scares the bejeebers outta ya!

Loved the video - cool guy - and we'll offer a prayer for a quick word back on the letter!

hugs - aus and co.

06/08/2011 12:24pm

Hope you hear of approval soon!!

April Z.
06/09/2011 2:18pm

Hi Ruby,
Aidan looked like he did a great job! (and I love the picture of the sleepy performer - so cute.) Glad to hear the CCWA got the letter!

06/11/2011 6:12am

Prayers for the letter to be approved. Wow, you have jumped through some serious hoops. Hey, we might be traveling around the same time.

06/13/2011 9:49am

For a shy guy, he did really well!



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