You know the joke about the guy drowning in a flood who declines the boat, the helicopter, etc., and then asks God why he didn't help him after he arrives in Heaven?  And God says, I sent a boat, a helicopter, etc.  What more did you want?  I feel like I could be that guy.  Am I ignoring signs?  Or are these signs just tests of faith?  Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Earlier this week I got an email from our agency asking for a letter from our doctor explaining a couple of things on the medical forms.  Our agency got these forms "pre-approved" in China in August because my husband takes a medication normally prescribed for depression but, in his case, that's not why he takes it.  My doctor offered to write a letter of explanation in addition to the medical form but we were told it should be sufficient.  It's not.

So I called the doctor's office Tuesday and was told he would be out until today.  First thing this morning I went there and have learned that he will not be back and they're not sure when he'll be back.  Something must be wrong with his family, I presume, because in 28 years of seeing him, I have only known him to be out for planned or expected things.  His partner can probably write this letter for us, but he's on vacation until the 9th.  He may be in today; couldn't be sure if they said that or not-stress affects the hearing, you see.

05/03/2011 7:29pm

We had the same run around. Our letter and medical form had to signed by an MD not our Nurse practitioner who PRESCRIBED the medication in the first place. It will all come together. Buy the office manager some flowers?


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