My big question of the month was, boxers or briefs?  Seriously, I want this child to have as many things familiar as possible so I asked our Chinese teacher what he would be used to wearing and she said briefs.  She said he probably wears short sleeved undershirts but would be more comfortable in sleeveless.  Since I couldn't find the latter in his size, I bought short sleeved.  PJs were another big decision.  G wanted to buy Spider-Man pajamas, but I don't know if he likes spiders or is afraid of them.  I know that he has Winnie the Pooh (the honey jar in the background of his play photo has Pooh leaning over the rim) and I know that Disney is in China, but I don't know about Spider-Man.  So he got Thomas the Train pjs.  I also bought a sharp outfit for the naming ceremony and thank goodness picked out a blue dress shirt instead of the white one.  As soon as I left the store I realized what a bad idea a white shirt would be in Chinese culture-it is their funeral color.  Red is always safe, so several of his clothes are red, as is his rocking chair.  I bought a red rocking chair for him, but RB came first so it became his.  Since I don't want jealousy between them,  I bought another one for our son.  Our son, of course, is not used to having anything of his own, but RB is.


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