I saw this on one of the blogs that I follow (Always in My Heart) and liked it, so here is my version:

Today... February 2, 2010

Outside my window........it is a clear, sunny day but not warm enough for the eaves to drip.

I am thinking.......I can't wait for our new elliptical machine to arrive next week

I am thankful for........my husband...he takes care of us all

I am wearing.......a red fleece with Santa Claus on it that my little sister gave me for my 40th birthday and that I never wear out in public

I am remembering....the latest trivia I learned (I love trivia)...that 10% of the Caucasians in Great Britain are immune to HIV because their ancestors survived the Bubonic Plague.

I am looking forward to....vacation in two weeks, even though Aidan and I have different weeks off.

From the kitchen.....chocolate chip cookies that Little Baby made

Pondering these words...Yield.

Around the house....G is making a cup of coffee, BB is napping in the crib, I am laying on the couch with a migraine and Little Baby is watching t.v.

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