Yesterday when I picked Aidan up at his after-school program, the workers told me that he had not wanted to play or engage in any activities and that he had complained that he didn't like anything, then he jumped up and played wholeheartedly for quite a while before sitting and moping again.  When we got home he wouldn't take a bath, when we told him he had to, he started sobbing.  By 6:00 he said he wanted to go to bed, which didn't surprise us.  But this morning I took him to school and his teacher said that last week he was sitting with her and listing a whole bunch of things he didn't like, which is out of character for him.  Aidan can say things that are contrary to what he means, but that's not what he was doing.  She said her daughter just returned from China and they had been doing some China lessons last week, so she thinks that maybe things surfaced as a result.  She asked him about his list, and he said he didn't like getting a sister; he wants his brother.  Ouch!

03/29/2011 10:08am

Yeah ouch! He's a good loving guy tho - and he'll come into his role as 'big brother / protector' soon enough. We've had that same issue show up a time or two - and while I wish I could give you a 'fix' for it - I can assure you that it will pass.

hugs - aus and co.

03/29/2011 6:22pm

Oh, my heart goes out to you on this one...Sam keeps saying (in a very loud voice) "I don't like my broffer, send him back to Chine"...NICE! Defiently calls for some Nora Jones and a glass of wine to ease the guilt!!


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