Still trying to get the photos to download, but here is the scoop so far:
Eva is happy, healthy, everything that you would expect of a seven year old.  She has a funny, friendly personality and she will try to manipulate with a big smile but it never works and the funny thing is that I can tell it never has, since she redirects immediately after you call her on it.  Just testing, I guess.  She is generous to a fault, sharing everything that she has with us.  She has not cried.  Hoping that eventually we'll see something, but I think that the orphanage prepared her well for our coming and I know that she asked them when we were going to get there.  She did go to the telephone three times after coming to the hotel, expecting to call Wu Yi right there and then.

Jolene, the director and nanny gave me a pair of embroidered cloth pajamas for Wu Yi-I'll send them to you when we get back.  They teared up when told that she has learned a lot of English and is doing well.  They teared up more when they heard that her first surgery had been done.  Then they got even more happy/sad when they learned that Eva's feet could still be fixed.  Apparently surgery was attempted at one point and not successful.  I asked some details yesterday about it so that I could share what I know with our surgeon, but they were definitely under the impression that she was too old for it to be successful now, so they were thrilled to hear that wasn't the case.

We really like Guiyang, at least as much as anyone can like hotel-living in a foreign land.  We are at the Trade Point which is in the center of town.  There are sky walks to get to just about anything and on the first day our guide, Richard, walked us to the supermarket and showed us all the restaurants along the way so that we could venture out on our own without worrying about where to go.  He was unexpectedly put with another family from GB so his time has had to be divided between us (his agency had been told they weren't coming, then they came, and their guide is working in another city).  This afternoon we will go to Qian Lang Park a/k/a The Monkey Park.

Okay, thanks to the Business Center worker I now have photos downloaded but it has taken forever, so I'm going to have to leave you with a link to my shutterfly account and will just update these posts with pictures later/add detail to the shutterfly account later.  Sorry it's such a pain!  Hope all of you are well.

09/20/2011 9:21pm

Love the photos!!! What a beautiful and happy girl! I am so thrilled for all of you! I hope the rest of your trip continues to go smoothly. I was touched to hear that the nannies were concerned about Wu Yi. The tall one was also with Wu Yi when we met her. She was called "mama". I don't see "popo" in your photos. She was Wu Yi's most special person.

09/21/2011 4:19am

WOW - looks like things are going great! And yeah - looks like everybody is well prepared - just over the moon for ya!!

hugs - aus and co.

April Z.
09/21/2011 4:37am

I loved seeing all the pictures of Eva! I'm so happy she's doing well. The pictures of her asleep with all her Barbie dolls made me laugh - so cute!! I tear up when I think about her getting to talk to her best buddy Wu Yi again. That's going to be precious.

Deb Phelps
09/21/2011 7:36am

Ruby, I am loving the news and photos. Glad to hear everything is going well. Hopefully there will not be any snags and all of you will be home soon. Deb


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