Today I'm sending the DS-230 to our agency and have to put our daughter's Chinese name and American name down.  I wrote a long post about the choice here revealing all of the thoughts behind the name, then realized I was "babbling" and so it is reduced to this:

Her first name will be Eva after my grandmother that I did not know
Her middle name will be Yuqiang which is her second and third Chinese names together.

Her names mean
and strength

(Yu actually has multiple possible characters, but her character means happy, pleased).


06/16/2011 9:03am

Cool couple posts - yeah - love that momentary feeling of control - soooo fleeting! ;)

And absolutely concur with the name choice - we too honored our adopted kids history by keeping their given Asian names as middle names - an allowing them the 'legal' option of being known by either their American or Asian names as they see fit as they grow older - and love Eva too BTW!!

hugs - aus and co.

06/16/2011 11:24am

Congratulations!!! Yay for LOA!! And I love love love the name Eva Yuqiang! It's beautiful!!!

Eve Boger
06/18/2011 9:20am

so I finally found your blog! Your kids are beautiful! COngrats on LOA!!!

06/26/2011 1:52pm

I had a heart attack about putting a name in writing. I love Eva's name. It fits her beautifully.


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