Aidan got a little bit chunky this winter and G was worried about it, but I said, remember how our first son would get plump just before a growth spurt?  Well, Golden Baby is just short of 6'2".  Not a really big deal, but when I'm taller than my mother, her sister, and her father at just over 4'10" tall, that's a big deal (G's family is on the taller side of average and my father's family is tall).

Anyway, we were looking at Aidan today and both remarked on how big he is getting, so I measured him-48 & 3/4" tall, 63.4 pounds.  I dug out his referral because when it came I tracked the growth record that it had for him to see what percentile he fell on.  He remains on the same track now that he was on then.  If it continues, he will be about 6'4" tall.  Even people in China thought he was about seven when they met him and he was only four.  So we have one big boy!

02/22/2010 4:38am

Yeah you do! Chase's numbers came right in on the 50th %til all along at his checkup. Interestingly - while we were in country everybody thought he was so 'big' - the fact it is he's just 'average' in a world where adoptive kids are barely on the charts!

hugs - aus and co.


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