Yesterday I went and got my oldest sister from the nursing home she is currently in and then picked her husband up at their house so that they could come see my mother.  My sister and her husband live about 75 or 80 miles north of us.  So it was a long trip up, back, then up and back again, complicated by her walker and his wheelchair, but definitely worth it.  On the first leg of the journey, I was missing my sister Kathy terribly (1948-2004) and wishing that she was with me.  Pretty teary stuff-I found my sister on her floor as she lay dying-I miss her all the time.  Anyway, I looked up and through the rain in the Notch was the biggest rainbow I've ever seen in my life, arcing over the Notch and touching all the mountains.  It was gorgeous.  I think that Kathy sent it down, to help both on yesterday's journey and on the long journey that my mother is approaching.  Here is a picture of the drive that I made, but without the cloud cover, rain, and rainbow.

10/18/2010 4:24am

Yeah - what you said! We too have had some family that have gone before us kind of 'reach down' to let us know they are still there - and that brings me great joy!

hugs - and prayers for you guys in this time of life...

aus and co.

12/20/2010 3:20am

So sorry about the sorrow going on in your life. Hoping you have some joy in helping your family.

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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