I used to work in the yard-a lot-when our first two kids were young and even when the third was little.  Then I was sick for more than a decade with lyme disease and avoided any place a tick could be-tall grass, brush, etc.  Enough of that!  Today I am the proud owner of my very own chain saw.  I checked them all out and this was the lightest one they had, perfect for someone between 4'10" and 4'11" tall.  So it came home with me and tomorrow I'll go back to work "revealing" the stone wall and getting rid of some of the shade currently surrounding the blueberries and tomato plants.
Oh, and if that isn't exciting enough-my husband is a painter and he all but destroyed my porcelain bathroom sinks by cleaning his brushes.  Then he moved on to my porcelain kitchen sinks-enough was enough!  We now have a paint sink in the basement where you step down from the garage and he can use his wire brush to his heart's content!

07/30/2011 11:33pm

I lived in Rhode Island years and years ago. Loved all the stone wall in the New England area! I especially remember the falls as being the best I have ever experienced! Your mention of the wall brought back many happy memories. Oh, love the sink too!


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