We are all at home.  Irene flooded our daughter's college town so we cannot get her there, and the campus is closed anyway.  School was canceled for Aidan and me in anticipation of power outages, which some of our town has.  RB should have started kindergarten today, but instead he is here too.

By the way, Eva's name is EEva.  Just had to let everyone know in case you were reading it and saying AAva in your head.  Lots of people do that.  She is named after my grandmother, so her name is pronounced like hers was.

We got our itinerary in the middle of the night and got everything we asked for except the first hotel choice in Guiyang (which was the Sheraton) and a tai-chi lesson (guess we'll have to stand in the park and emulate the thousands exercising in the morning :)

Anyway, here's the skinny on it:

Guiyang Sept. 18-Sept. 23
We meet Eva on Sept. 19
We will stay at the Trade Point Hotel and visit TianHe Scenic Pool Area (gorgeous!), Qian Ling Park (hiking trails, temples, waterfalls)

Guangzhou Sept. 23-Sept. 29
Stay at the Victory Hotel and visit Safari Park (think Canada's driving zoo), Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, and take a Pearl River Night Cruise.

Sept. 29
Fly out of Hong Kong; if we are delayed there due to flight availability, we will go up Victoria Mountain.

Now, I am a mess!  School starts tomorrow-delayed a day by Irene-and tomorrow I will not be able to concentrate on all of this.  Off to wire money and do a million other things!

08/29/2011 6:44am

Sorry I missed a couple days - we've been meeting our exchange student from Korea who arrived yesterday! Glad that you survived Irene - thanks for how to say EEva - I was one of 'those'!! ;) Sounds like a great trip - don't forget to take a walk thru GZ while you are there - but your a BTDT - you know what you want to do! Great joy for you guys!

hugs - aus and co.

08/29/2011 2:14pm

Qianling park is the "monkey park". It has rides, wild monkeys running loose, a zoo (stinky and depressing), and hikes. (Also Tai Chi and dancing!) Hide your food around the monkeys ~ they will jump on you and take bottle/bags/etc.

08/29/2011 3:09pm

Thank you, Jolene! That's great advice, and I would not know otherwise. (I'm not a big monkey fan, by the way)

08/29/2011 3:23pm

You have a plan! Yeah!!! Look at it this way, it will be slightly cooler. It is downright hot in Guangzhou right now.


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