Today was the second big test for Aidan of family get-togethers.  The first was my great niece's birthday party and he made it about 40 minutes.  He had no choice but to stay longer at PB's house for Thanksgiving, but he alternated between having fun playing and hanging his head and wanting to leave.  Of course, he ate very little-a couple of spoonfuls of vegetables and two more of squash.  So once we got home LB made a big bowl of Ramen noodles for him with garlic and butter.

Tomorrow he could be in love with turkey; that's just how it is sometimes.  In this photo, below, he is licking the bowl after helping me make chocolate chip cookies.  He loved the dough but refused to eat the cookies (again).  Then the next day when I packed some for tot time and also packed Nilla wafers for him, he wanted the homemade cookies.  He even asked for more when we got home.


11/28/2008 5:29pm

Send some of the cutes ones with Aidan, too, please! :)

12/01/2008 7:49am

Fin had a 4th of July like this 3 weeks after we came home. It is so overwhelming. You are being so patient and compassionate. It is paying off.


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