Today we went out shopping for groceries and all that good stuff, and Aidan got a new pair of shoes with Spiderman on the side (he calls him Space Man).  So now he is jumping everywhere-jumping in place, jumping out of the kitchen (the kitchen is raised), jumping off the stairs, etc.  Obviously he loves them.

During our outing I discovered that my license is missing.  We were at the bank getting a copy of his passport and visa photocopied and certified in order to validate his adoption and get a new birth certificate.  I went to get my license and it wasn't there.  Unfortunately, I had just removed my passport from the case that I took-normally mine would be with his-so that can't get done until Tuesday when the banks and post office open again.

Aidan has been talking a lot this week about Santa coming to town, Santa bringing presents, and having presents at his house.  I don't know if it's just the Valentine's Day holiday and the party atmosphere, but he was a little preoccupied with Christmas until Friday.  Then he got a bag full of cards at daycare with lollipops and candies, and Christmas has been  temporarily forgotten.

PB is the assistant director at the daycare that Aidan goes to, and she makes a photo listing for events like this.  So a couple of Aidan's cards had his photo on the envelope, which was really sweet.  He, himself, gave Sponge Bob cards out.


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