The boys catching rain with their shovels.  What else was there to do this week?

After our week of rain, the sun came out enough for us to watch the parade in the next town.  Then, just as we were heading to our car, the pellets started falling, and just after we started the car, the skies opened up with a vengeance.  By the time we got home it was tapering off.  A couple of hours later we went to G's parents' house for the annual cook-out and the rain held off long enough for us all to eat and play for a couple of hours, then the thunder came again.  Most of the week we just had rain without thunder or lightning, but it sure would be nice to see a break. 

Normally my brother is haying at this time of year.  Normally I've gone to the beach just once.  Normally I have not had to put a hat and coat on the kids.  This just isn't normal.  We had one summer like this in the mid-1990s and prior to that we had two like this in the 1970s.  The difference between now and the 1970s, though, is that back then we didn't have the extreme heat and humidity (90% humidity and 100º + temps) that usually follows.  So I'm hoping for a gradual transition over to summer weather when the rain finally breaks.


Aidan, enjoying some of G's onion rings, just before the parade got started, and wearing the Sponge Bob hat that G bought him at the vendor tables.


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