My husband has a tendency to say that things happen in threes.  I don't really believe this-I tell him they happen in fours, fives, and sixes, too, if you keep counting.  However, I posted a little while ago photos of our daughter with another little girl who was adopted and that mother has found the pre-adoptive parents of the third girl in the photos.  So in our cases, good things do happen in threes.  All three of these little girls will have forever families!  The baby is already home, the oldest girl will be home next month, and our daughter will be home by summer.

01/31/2011 4:05am

Well - I agree with your DH - I've seen a lot of 3's in my life! Regardless - this is a way cool photo!!

hugs - aus and co.

02/03/2011 7:52pm

I'm looking at these photos everyday, hoping that is really my beautiful daughter with your beautiful daughter!

Tessa's mom
02/14/2011 6:24pm

How wonderful! these girls are very blessed. I am so behind reading about your little girl. Can you refresh my memory?

02/14/2011 6:37pm

Hi Tessa's Mom!
Let's see...we locked our daughter's file in a year ago-yes, a year :( It took months to get our home study done but finally we have a dossier that is authenticated and ready to go out this week to our agency-just need a few photocopies. And then hopefully we will finally be doing the countdown toward those milestones that bring us closer to China! Hope all is well with you,


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