I called FedEx this morning and they said that my package was signed for at 8:59 a.m. Thursday in D.C., but I had no fax, so I called the courier and he said the package just arrived (Thursday evening) and that he would take care of it tomorrow (Friday at home).  So we might be able to get the fax and have it translated this weekend, but no civil affairs appointment until at least Monday.

Today we went to the Forbidden City.  It was beautiful and impressive, but again it was not a good place for kids.  Plus the smog and dirt lay on everything.  We left there to go to a children's clothing store-the little girl being adopted by our travel mate needs some larger clothing than what she has.  I looked for stuff for Aidan, but everything in the store was too small.  His clothes fit for the most part, so we'll just use them until we get home (I brought sizes four and five and that's what he wears-some things just fit better than others).

After nap we took him to the pool, then ordered room service and found out that he loves spaghetti.

Yes, LB stood out from the crowd

Before-I need these armbands for what?

Okay-Maybe it's not so bad

After-The Proud Conqueror!


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