Our son's wife is a college student, finishing a nursing degree.  So two days a week this summer their children will come to our house.  Today was the first day.  I got no pictures of my grandson because he was too busy playing to sit still, but here is his sister trying hard not to take a nap.
We played, walked up to see my brother's new piglets, and then when the little ones went home, Aidan and I took the youngest dog to the vet.  Aidan insists that the dog, Mangus, is not his, but he couldn't stay in the exam room when he found out that Mangus needed blood drawn and three shots.  He also sleeps with this dog every night.  They're both sleeping on the couch right now; Aidan is still recovering from strep throat.

06/22/2011 4:20pm

Callie is such a cutie!! These photos are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them. Love you!!

06/23/2011 3:22am

Morning Ruby - well....I understand your words - but it doesn't look like that lovely child is trying hard to do anything except be cuteness personified!!

And I get the 'dog thing' too - in particlular when the dog is being your shadow!!

hugs - aus and co.

06/23/2011 5:34am

OMG! Cutest baby ever since mine!!! ;)


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