Today we packed our bags.  Somehow I lost the gift to our first daughter between Guiyang and here so I'm off to shop for her again. 

Before going out, I let Eva call Wu Yi.  They spoke for a few minutes, had a hard time communicating across their new language barrier, but Eva's smile could have lit up the room.  Now she is furiously packing her stuff-wonder if she thinks we're on our way to Idaho?  Yes, she does; she just grabbed my hand and told me to come with her to see Wu Yi.  Then she started pounding my leg, insisting that we go and see her now.  I tried to explain the whole plane/fei ji thing and that Wu Yi was going to bed where she was, but she doesn't understand (or want to).  Here are some pictures of the big event. 
The phone is a China Mobile phone that I rented from Panda Phone, so I'll be turning it in at the desk today; it doesn't work in Hong Kong.  We check out in the afternoon and then have about an hour to kill before our guide returns with our brown envelope.  Then it's off on a three hour van drive to Hong Kong and tomorrow we fly home.  The return flight is shorter-25 hours with layovers instead of the 29-1/2 that our flight over was.  Better, but


09/28/2011 3:32am

While to likely won't see this until you are home - fair winds and following seas on your travel! Looking forward to seeing y'all together!

hugs - aus and co.

April Z.
09/28/2011 10:56am

I'm so glad that Eva and Wu Yi were able to talk with each other! It's so wonderful that they will be able to keep in touch.

09/29/2011 5:06pm

Have a safe trip home!


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