Our consulate appointment went fine.  We were there for about two hours and then went off to a park-I told my guide I didn't want a museum tour, I wanted a kid-friendly day so that Aidan could run and have fun.

First we rented a canopied paddle boat and LB and I paddled the four of us around a lake.  Then we went to the children's area where Aidan drove an airplane bumper car and then an airplane ride where the plane lifts and falls as the driver wishes.  He loved both. 

We ate lunch at a local rice shop before returning to the consulate for a 3:00 oath swearing ceremony.  After that we were given our sealed packets to give to security on our arrival home.  How do you spell relief?

The water was leaf green-Aidan kept trying to reach over the edge and scoop it up.  I told him not to, then steered him underneath some willow branches so that he could reach out and grab those instead.

In typical boy fashion, he had to hit the tired barrier at least once-my shin is black and blue from the slam!



11/02/2008 3:24pm

11/02/2008 3:26pm

Just a RQ lurker here. I've been following your blog since your referral. So glad that you are home with your lovely son! He looks so like he'll be a wonderful addition to your family.

Best wishes,


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