Fall is my favorite season.  I was late getting home today because LB had a dentist appointment, but that worked out perfectly, because otherwise I might have missed these early evening shots.  The opening in the sky is just above my own house; this is my mother's house in the foreground.

These three maples are on our lawn-all in different stages.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, the ones with red leaves are not the best for syrup.  According to my Uncle George, it is the yellow ones that are the best.  He is a retired logger, so he does know a little about it.

Here is LB taking her daily walk.  The sun is setting to the right.

My second brother's dog and workshop are in the distance, above.
Here is a frog that he is working on.  I told him that if he wasn't careful, RB would use it as a riding toy.

It turns out that he is making it for a carousel in New York, so that's exactly what purpose it serves-notice the saddle on the back.
Below is a piece that he finished and hopes to use as his final piece for membership in the League of NH Craftsmen.  He was already juried, but after the jury accepts you, you have to make another piece within a given period of time.


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