The boys are both able to wear short sleeve shirts now-how exciting!


These shots are just of an afternoon at home while PB was taking a nap-she was sick and couldn't get well without some sleep-and the front yard-still with winter hanging on.


One afternoon this week RB and MB came home with us and the older boys refused to come inside.  It was just too nice out to sit on the porch and bask in the March sunlight.

MB stayed inside with me.  Doesn't he look happy?


The pictures really speak for themselves


BB spent Friday night with us and, Aidan loves to help take care of his nephew.  Then on Sunday morning GB called and asked if Aidan would like to come out to the community center in the next town over to play basketball with him before all of the guys/the real players showed up.  So we went for half an hour before church.  They shot a couple of hoops but the hoop is too high for Aidan, then dribbled, then played catch, then played air hockey, and last of all they played a little soccer, with BB and me helping out occasionally.


It is rare and special to have all four kids at the house at once.  Here are some pictures from Sunday-both a morning visit by GB and PB and their children, and then an afternoon visit by RB alone.

Okay, but seriously-the top photos are great grandparents of G-yes, the woman is American Indian; two of his great grandmothers were.

The second photo is of my grandmother-she is the second to youngest girl in the picture.

We've been playing around with old photos and were actually photographing photographs with our camera, hence the flash over my great grandparents' faces.

Now, on to the intended photos:


Aidan got to play at his grandparents' house, showing off his mechanical expertise (G already has RB pegged as a future race car driver, since he's small, and Aidan as his future mechanic or pit crew chief)


One of this year's calves; ice already forming across the road; Aidan thinking that he can outrun me back to our house.


The weekend actually began with a rainy Thursday night.  We got pizza and rented Madagascar so the boys could see the characters from their Happy Meals.  Also, I dance around the house with them-we all wear different plastic pails on our head-singing, "I Like to Move it, Move it", so they love that tune.

Then there was shopping-tis the season-first for gifts for a great niece's birthday (I think she's turning 13), then for the mundane things like groceries.  Those trips were with Mom, then with PB.

And last, we had BB's christening followed by about a three hour nap!


RB and Aidan went to the community center for tot time yesterday.  RB was so exhausted that he took a three hour nap.  While Aidan wasn't that tired, he also volunteered for naptime after lunch.