It is rare and special to have all four kids at the house at once.  Here are some pictures from Sunday-both a morning visit by GB and PB and their children, and then an afternoon visit by RB alone.

Okay, but seriously-the top photos are great grandparents of G-yes, the woman is American Indian; two of his great grandmothers were.

The second photo is of my grandmother-she is the second to youngest girl in the picture.

We've been playing around with old photos and were actually photographing photographs with our camera, hence the flash over my great grandparents' faces.

Now, on to the intended photos:


11/28/2008 17:28

Love the picture of the kids/grandkids on the couch and the one of you, Lauren, and the kids on Lauren's couch! Can you forward them so I can possibly put them on the calendar? I couldn't cut and paste.



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