That's right, my baby's car insurance will now go down with her next bill.
This is her at two or three days old.

RB didn't mind signing the card and picking stickers for the envelope, but he wasn't interested in frosting the cake.  So he watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while waiting for me to finish so he could go outside-his favorite thing to do!  (Daddy took Mommy out for dinner, so the cake was for later)


Cookies are like a fifth food group to me.  I don't care for cake, ice cream, pie, or candy bars-I will occasionally eat them, but it's cookies for me.  RB seems to have inherited this food preference.


Here is RB the day of his party, hanging out with me while his Mommy gets everything ready.  Below that are pics of he and Mommy at another birthday party and just RB in the grass, having fun with my two brothers' dogs.


Both boys were tired this morning


Besides our daughter, her husband and RB, these pictures include our third grandson, who won't be joining us until late fall.

Bathtime is such fun!

At GB & JC's Baby Shower

Fourth of July-Can You Tell His Daddy is a Firefighter?

And there's Daddy (JM) now!


When Pretty Baby was little, she had rosy cheeks, dark curly hair and bright blue eyes.  When she graduated high school, one year after her brother, I wanted her yearbook dedication to be just as special as his was.  For weeks I thought about it and then it suddenly came to me that there was only one thing to say.  Ruth is my favorite book in the Bible.  The story of mother-daughter love and care is better than any modern novel.  PB is my Ruth.