Labor Day Weekend

MB is just like his mother.  This means that he doesn't really like anyone except his mother and father; PB didn't even add her father to the list when she was young.  I worked a four hour job with another 1-1/2 hours of driving and she stayed with my mother.  She cried the whole 5-1/2 hours unless she was sleeping.  She stopped the moment I came home.  So it really is no surprise that, although MB is always happy to see me, he does not want to get in my car or stay at my house.  Last Wednesday he cried halfway home and didn't stop until his father arrived about 20 minutes later.  Last Friday he cried for almost two hours until both of his parents arrived at the same time (I called them both-I told PB not to get her hair dried; just get it cut and get back here-and told her husband that MB was going to make himself sick from crying).  He stopped as soon as he saw them.


MB is such a little dumpling, he reminds me of his mother more every day.  You can see from these shots that he's eager to crawl and walk with the other boys.


MB is going to catch up with RB in size pretty soon-we expect MB to be tall like his father; RB is going to take after me and my mother's family by the looks.  Both boys just get cuter every day.


Both GB and PB had romantic dinners with their fiancee and husband, respectively, so I watched the boys.  MB is now 3-1/2 months old and he is just about the spitting image of PB except that he is a boy.  I just love this little dumpling!


PB is our country music lover.  When she was young, she had a special fondness for Keith Whitley, so his song is particularly fitting with these photos and on her page:
"There's a bond that brothers know,
and it gets stronger as they grow,
a love that time and miles can't come between
We disagreed but in the end,
there will never be two closer friends,
and Brotherly Love is something we all need"


PB and I have been getting together at least every other day-both for ourselves and for the boys, so that they will be buddies and not rivals.  Aidan is only four, but he is an active, rough and tumble kind of boy, especially while his language is limited (he is really smart, so this bothers him).  Next to him RB seems so mellow and little!


The day after we were scheduled to return home, our daughter had her second son-MB.  Here is a photo from my first visit with him.  GB and JC also came over with BB, and he has grown tremendously, but my camera chose that time to run out of battery life, so I only got this one.


PB and RB came over this afternoon so that we could have some time together before the big trip.


While waiting for GB and JC to get home this afternoon, RB played outside with the basketball hoop and the stone frog, which he thought was a ride-on toy.