Yesterday was RB's party but I forgot my camera.  Today was my niece's birthday/going away party-she is now 20 and she is leaving to continue nursing studies in Maine.  I tried to get pics of everyone and post these right away so that our friends in Florida-AH & LZ-could see people from home.

A little fuzzy, I know, but this is the host and hostess.  My brother is holding up his arm in a special hello to AH & LZ.

Above is brother #2; here is brother #4 and Mom; below is the birthday girl!

Here is my youngest sister with my brother in-law (dh of sister #3); above are long time friends of my brother, the host, and his former next door neighbors.

No, not everyone has a waterfall in their house with a miniature mill complete with a wheel that turns as the water runs, brother does.  Here is a picture of the mill, RB and his daddy checking it out.


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