Although we do have Old Home Day, people don't come home for it.  Instead, they come home for Grange Fair Day.  This year it started out wet, broke for the parade, rained again, then broke again.  The day starts with a pancake breakfast at the elementary school and ends with a street dance.  In between there are all sorts of other small town country events, including a white elephant sale, baby show, live music, bed races, horseshoe tournament, ham and bean supper (I made two salads), and tractor pulls (it used to be an ox pull but some people complained about animal cruelty through the newspaper and they decided that it would be changed to a tractor pull-what did those people think the Grange stood for, anyway?).  So we all have a good time visiting with our neighbors and people we haven't seen as often.

Starting off with the color guard.  My little brother (Army and Navy veteran) and my first nephew (Army veteran).  The "boys" are two years apart in age.  My nephew's brother usually is with them but his daughter burned her hand and they had to take her to have it looked at.

This year's theme was "Yankee Ingenuity" so my sisters created a float that advertised all the small businesses operated by family members.

RB and his daddy won a blue ribbon for their tractor.  RB was told to wave to the people. LB said she didn't know if he understood, but when he saw me with the camera, he waved like crazy!


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