Yesterday was RB's party but I forgot my camera.  Today was my niece's birthday/going away party-she is now 20 and she is leaving to continue nursing studies in Maine.  I tried to get pics of everyone and post these right away so that our friends in Florida-AH & LZ-could see people from home.

A little fuzzy, I know, but this is the host and hostess.  My brother is holding up his arm in a special hello to AH & LZ.

Above is brother #2; here is brother #4 and Mom; below is the birthday girl!

Here is my youngest sister with my brother in-law (dh of sister #3); above are long time friends of my brother, the host, and his former next door neighbors.

No, not everyone has a waterfall in their house with a miniature mill complete with a wheel that turns as the water runs, brother does.  Here is a picture of the mill, RB and his daddy checking it out.


My family has several births to celebrate this month.  We had a party today, one next Saturday, and another the following Sunday-that's just 1/3 of them.

Today's birthday girl-10 years old and just back from 10 days in Trinidad

My third sister's daughter

This guy is my third sister's son and his lady love is visiting from France; they will both be moving back there at the end of the month so she can finish graduate school before they marry and settle here in the U.S.

In the front is my third brother and youngest sister; in the back are that sister's eight year old and our second nephew's middle child.