March Reading List - Gentle Years

G is currently reading a book on Daniel Boone which he says is overdone.  When he is through with this one, he wants to look for a gangster book-Machine Gun Kelly or Bugsy Moran.  He always scoffs my history book club flyers from the mailbox and reads through all the listings before letting me know that they came in the mail.  Some books that he really enjoyed in his western collection recently (he is always up for western history) are Kansas Charley, Doc Holliday, and Billy the Kid.

As for me, I'm always reading something fluffy when I don't have to read for work.  So right now I'm reading a vampire romance by Amanda Ashley (who is really Madeline Baker), plus I'm still reading The Undercover Economist (which I use to teach AP microeconomics with-great supplementary book) and  I've got to finish The Last Days of Europe (about the changing demographics in France and Great Britain and the changes in world power) and The River of Lost Footsteps (story of Burma).

I actually have to start reading Gilgamesh and Beowulf for a class that starts mid-April; the class is called The Other Side of History and is about myths, legends, etc.  We also have a summer reading list for students now, and I have to read (again) Home Before Morning in order to write the questions to go with it.  I read it during the summer as a teenager, so it's perfect for my students-very moving true story about a nurse in the US army during the Vietnamese war.

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    G & Me

    G loves to read history of the American West and loves to watch movies that are western, action, intrigue, comedy.  He doesn't have favorites.  He does not like anything that is musical (though he loves music), romantic, or related to aviation.  His favorite time period is from the Civil War to the turn of the 20th century.

    I am eclectic in my reading but do not like science fiction or police stories.  In movies I like drama best, but also like some of the same things that G does, and I like both romantic movies and those that relate to aviation.  My favorite time periods are probably the 1830s and 1840s, the post-Reconstruction era to the eve of WWI, WWII, and the late 1950s-forward.  My favorite books are Gone With the Wind, My Antonia, All Quiet on the Western Front, A Lantern in Her Hand, and Nigger by Dick Gregory.  My favorite movies are The Memphis Belle, Return to Me, Since You Went Away, Steel Magnolias, Nicholas &  Alexandra, Sometimes in April, and  The Winds of War (there are just so many that this is incomplete) .


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