GB with his sister, going through wedding photos; BB on our kitchen stoop where his father and aunt sat 25 years ago drinking from their sippy cups (oh, the memories) and then again on the hearth-

BB is now crawling all over the place, pulling himself up to stand, and trying to walk.  He's such a strong little boy!  Oh, and he's quite the little clapper, too.


GB came over to watch the Daytona 500 with G.  Unfortunately, they've added so much pre-race stuff to the programming that the actual race never came on before he had to get BB home again.  It is always nice to see the two of them together, though.


Despite bitter cold and a spitting rain/snow combination, today was a great day!

Here is BB, waiting outside for the mass to end so that we can enter for his big celebration.

G's sister (whose son Aidan takes his middle name from) holding the other infant grandson, MB.

The two little cousins at the reception afterwards-totally interested, as you can tell, in all the commotion around them.