I’m sending this message out to our families who have recently submitted their dossiers to China.  Your dossiers were hand-delivered to CCAA by our staff while they were in China!!  Congratulations on being through the dossier step of your adoption journey.  We will have your Log In Date for you soon.


03/05/2011 5:48pm

Yeah! I hope you get your LID fast!!

03/07/2011 3:45am

Great day with the youngen's and a little China in your celebration (Gung Hey Fat Choy if I didn't say so already!) and in regard to this post - only one word is fitting - HOORAH!

hugs - aus and co.

April Z.
03/09/2011 5:22am

Awesome! One step closer!!

03/14/2011 11:13am

Oh Ruby! How exciting. Fingers crossed for a quick log in date.



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