I received an idea from another blogger to write about five famous people you would invite to your table for dinner.
(You can see her blog at:  http://lovehasmanyflavors.blogspot.com)
So I have been thinking about this for a few days and here is my list:

  • Ginger Rogers, because I love her work; she can make me laugh and make me cry.
  • Ruth.  As in the Book of Ruth, because I admire loyalty above most things.
  • Queen Rania of Jordan, because she is a modern woman in a male dominated world and works hard for the benefit of her "sisters".
  • Florence Nightingale, because when I was young I was inspired by her work and would love to hear stories of leaving home in that age to go to the Crimea.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder, because I read all of her books, even her writings about her life as an old lady, and I would love to chat with her about the changes she saw in her lifetime.

06/11/2011 6:08am

Love this list.


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