Our new son finally has a name-Aidan Marcus.

I was concerned about the Aidan, even though it is a name I love, because it was the second most popular name in the U.S. in 2006, and I like our children to have unique names.  But we all like it, and it was LB's favorite.  She especially likes that it means, "Little Fire". 

His middle name came from the family-our nephew who died in June.  I've been waiting for G to talk with his sister and make sure it was okay, and she thinks it's wonderful.  Marcus was actually named after a football player, but the name Marcus comes originally from Mars, the Roman God of War.  So I'm thinking, Oh great, this kid is going to be someone to keep up with!

I wanted to name him Yan Aidan Marcus to preserve some of his heritage, but G was against that, so I'll probably call him Yan Aidan until he is used to the Aidan, eventually switching it to Young Aidan and then just plain Aidan.


Truly Blessed
08/23/2008 6:32pm

Hi, what a sweet son you have! You're going to love having a son (I have three teen sons and wouldn't change a minute with them!). Here's a suggestion if you're up for it: the name Kegan/Keegan/Keagan mean's "Little Firey One" and it's nowhere near as popular as Aidan. It sounds somewhat similar, though, but chances are he won't meet many other Kegan/Keegan/Keagans in his schools or community.

Yes, I have a Kegan and love his name. He likes it too!

Congratulations on the referral of your beautiful son!



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