Did I only just get my itinerary this morning?  It has been the craziest day!

Between a flurry of email messages and two hours (yes, two hours!) at the bank waiting, then trying to arrange a debit card increase which the local office said I could do (oh, no, the main office says just call when you want it done so that we only increase it for a short period of time-but they forgot to tell me there will be a fee to do it over the phone, so I switch to the automated system that doesn't charge, then call back, then book the flights), and after all of that I still have the wire transfer to the Chinese coordinator to take care of.  Are you following me yet?  Does this sound remotely like doing business in China to those of you who have been there? Did I mention that the bank's fraud detection center, after all of this, froze my debit card when the travel agent tried to book all of the tickets in one day, even though I supposely increased the lim Yeah, I'm reminiscing just a bit here about Beijing.

Anyway, I do digress.  We have flights.  We will be in Guiyang a day earlier than planned on our travel agent's advice-just in case there are any flight issues, and so that we can have a day of rest before meeting Eva.  I didn't tell her that it takes me about a week to recover from a flight like that :)  On the way home we will leave Guangzhou a day earlier than planned in order to make the flight out that we got, so we will stay the night there.  That's actually good-we can take the tram up Victoria Peak which is something that the girls and I really wanted to do.  It runs every 15 minutes right up until midnight, so it will be cool to see the sights and lights there.

Farran cannot go back to college yet.  The roads leading into the city where her school is are still flooded and closed and there is still no electricity in much of the area.  So maybe tomorrow night.

Aidan and I will return to school tomorrow.  He's excited to eat lunch with RB every day now that RB is in kindergarten.  Big day for all three of us!

08/29/2011 3:51pm

Goodness, what a busy time!

08/29/2011 4:52pm

Be prepared to meet her a day early! I'm sure you have heard the many stories of kiddos being ready the minute your plane lands! I happily landed at midnight figuring they couldn't possibly make a litte one stay up that late! Still, she met us the next morning and we thought it wouldn't be until late afternoon!

08/29/2011 4:59pm

Yikes! I guess I'd better ask about that. I think I've mentioned that I'm not a good traveler? Poor Aidan had to lean away from me three times the first day while I lost the contents of my stomach. In addition to car sickness and migraines, I get altitude sickness from the flights. On my one trip through Idaho I ended up lying down in the back seat as we went up, down, up, down. Coeur d'Alene was okay, though-we spent the night there, so maybe that was why-no motion and all that :) Keep the tips coming, Jolene. Even if everything is just as you say, it helps me to be prepared.

08/30/2011 4:52am

that is sooo stinkin exciting!!! You'll be in China in a months!!! Congrats can't wait to follow along!!!

April Z.
08/30/2011 7:19pm

I get more and more excited as I read your plans! We got into Guiyang on a Sunday afternoon and we got Libby Monday morning around 10am I think. I'm not sure if that's a normal schedule or not. I can't wait to follow your blog as you travel!!


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