This week is our April break-Aidan and I.  Here are some photos from the beginning of the week.  We spent Monday at an arcade with LB and RB, went on a picnic Tuesday at the park with LB and BB, spent yesterday in MD's offices-Aidan had a regular appointment but also has an ear infection, I think-they can't see his ear for all the wax.  He has been sick for a few weeks, though, so I'm hoping that they can see it today.  I, myself, am already on antibiotics for an ear and sinus infection, and it took a few weeks for that to show up.  So hopefully he'll get some real relief soon.

04/23/2010 4:23am

Cool - sounds like a nice break - hope you guys are feeling better soon - I've been doing the ear infection thing too - don't feel bad but I can't hear (at least less than usual!)

hugs - aus and co.


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