This post is primarily pictures, to make up for both the lack of them following the holiday while the computer was being reformatted, and to make up for the last post being such a downer.  These shots of Aidan make you wonder-will he be a builder, a chef, a sheriff, or an outlaw?
On our first day in Beijing with Aidan, he took the stickers that I brought for him and put them on his face.  I don't know if that's what orphanage/foster kids in China do because they don't have possessions to put the stickers on, or if they are discouraged from marking possessions, or if it is just for some cultural reason, but I've seen pictures of other Chinese children doing the same thing.  Here he is in Beijing:
And here he is today:
Our daughter in-law and BB on the day after Christmas

Siblings having fun

And random holiday shots of all three family gatherings:
Aidan and G on Christmas eve


12/30/2009 5:17pm

So sorry about your downer post, doesn't sound right to me either. Hope you have some support from your local churches.
Your son is so active and growing. You are blessed.
You are also blessed with leaving comments on our blog, which we do appreciate. You are right on. Thank you.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

12/31/2009 12:14pm

Wow - well - glad that the computer is working and loved the pictuers! As for 'disturbia' - I'm sorry for the response you recieved - but please know that it doesn't seem limited to your church - we got a similar response (or lack there of if you will) from ours. I guess I just don't understand....but....God has provided and will continue to provide in many ways for us all. "Believe" - it's the word for Christmas - hold fast to that!

hugs -

aus and co.


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