Today ends vacation week for both PB and myself.  I actually ended up watching the grandsons on and off, but it was still a good week.  PB and I took all four boys (BB was with me that day) to the beach for one afternoon.  We played in the dirt a lot.  And on Friday, despite the constant pouring rain, Aidan and I went to Santa's Village, which he loved.  On Saturday we went to an Asian families gathering (adoptive families) hosted by the biology teacher at my school, who has two Korean children.  Their son, also named Aidan, is eight, and their daughter is four.  The other family that came has a 15 year old Chinese daughter.  The fourth family had to cancel last minute.  Then today we spent the early afternoon at Mom's house where I had MB and GB was there with his son, BB.  Here are shots from the whole week:
You can see that I was thrilled to take this plunge but that Aidan was not so much so.  He asked, as we ascended, if he could get off.  He also insisted that I keep my arms around his waist the whole time, even when the ride was gentle.

Guide to these shots:
1st row left-BB (grandson #2); right-Brandy (dog), Aidan, BB, & RB (grandson #1)
2nd row left-PB & boys after beach; Aidan after beach, w/black cherry ice cream
3rd row left-Aidan; right-PB (our first daughter)
4th row left-Brother #2 with Aidan and my niece (from sister #4) in the workshop (my brother makes furniture); right-BB & MB (grandsons #2 and #3)
5th row left and right-the boys again, with cabbage
(other rows identified below)
6th row left-the boys and me; right-GB (our 1st son) and his son, BB
7th row left-sister #4 with MB; GB and BB again
8th row left-my sister's girls and MB; right-brother #5 and BB
9th row left-Mom and kids; right-my 2nd brother's girlfriend, doing a crossword puzzle in the shop
10th row left-Aidan; right-my 5th brother's wife and BB

08/04/2009 9:12pm


Aidan is gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am glad you found it helpful. The parenting is required here as well. But from what I understand the I800 is much more documentation. We are debating whether to extend our 171-H at an $800 cost or let it expire and start over with the I800 when it seems an referral is actually on the horizon.

Oh the decisions that such an extended wait conjure up. It is so wonderful to have our surprise son, it makes the wait completely back burner for us. We aren't even sure if China will work out for us at this point. We are open to wherever life takes us.


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