We have been on vacation this week and it has been mostly cold, rainy, and depressing.  Aidan had two appointments-the first was for a well child  checkup and shots.  Since he was sick last weekend and had a rash at the appointment, the shots were postponed.  Good thing.  It turned out that he had strep throat.  So he is on penicillin (the yucky, syrupy kind vs. the creamy pink amoxicillin).  He went one day to daycare to play, and he went yesterday to have an ultrasound on his kidneys-just a follow-up to a urinary tract infection that my doctor said actually came back negative-to make sure that everything looks normal.  Here are some highlights of the week so far:

Aidan is quite taken with cowboys, so here he is with his cap guns, and here is a photo from the equestrian meet we went to last weekend.

As always, there was a lot of playing with relatives during vacation.

Here is Aidan at the elementary school playground with his brother and his brother's family:


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