Eva got her casts off yesterday.  On November 1 she will be having surgery because we've achieved as much correction as possible with the casts alone.  The surgery will be tendon release and possibly some wedging at the same time.  The doctor said there will be at least two or three other surgeries down the road.  She is happy to be "free", and when we got home she had a surprise package from Wu Yi, her sister in Idaho, which just made her night! 

Aidan and I are going to get haircuts today.  At the start of school he refused to let me cut his or make an appointment, then within two weeks he told me he needed a cut!  Sorry about the drips on his shirt-we had just had Chinese food and he ended up wearing some :)

09/25/2012 3:39am

Morning guys - enjoy the freedom - and we'll keep you guys in our hearts and prayers for the upcoming surgery!

And hey - what's a few drips between friends? ;)

hugs - aus and co.


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