Eva's best friend was adopted last month and is now living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  That girl's mother sent a bunch of pictures to me this week of the girls and other kids at the orphanage.  I was going to post them with our LID, but still don't have it, so I thought I'd go ahead and share a couple of them now. Thanks, Jolene! (PS-Eva is the one in red)

04/03/2011 6:37am

How exciting!!! I just LOVELOVELOVE new photos!!! They are both darling...your daughter is in the yellow right??? The pics far away and can't tell 100% from your referral photo!!!

04/03/2011 6:55am

Hi Myra,
Our daughter is the one in the red. In the last photo she has the green jacket and striped hat-the shortest child (with the turned feet, if you look closely).

04/03/2011 9:22am

Great stuff - love both the kids pics and the old family pics - can't wait to hear you progress!

hugs - aus and co.

04/03/2011 9:56pm

We are so lucky to have such darling little girls. I'm sure they must be missing each other and I look forward to the day they get to see each other again!

04/04/2011 6:19pm

Ruby - Eva is super cute. I am so glad I finally took the time to track down the pictures of your precious daughter. You always leave such nice comments for me! Tracy

PS - Do you have any sense of how much longer your wait will be?

April Z.
04/06/2011 7:34am

What fabulous pictures!! It's so wonderful that Eva and Wu Yi will be able to keep in touch!

04/06/2011 6:27pm

These pictures are great--she will definitely treasure having them later in life. She's such a pretty little girl! Congrats!

04/15/2011 9:40am

Oh, I love seeing updated pictures! Especially when there are smiles.



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