I would love to give you an update with pictures but very little of our technology is cooperating with our other technology, so for now here is the scoop:

We are here.  We are safe.  We have Eva and she is a delightful mixture of curiosity and intelligence.  Today we will return to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize the adoption.

By Thursday I should be adjusted to the time change and flight-have slept about 12 hours total since leaving at 3:30 on Friday morning.  That means just in time to leave for Guangzhou.  We all like Guiyang, find it very easy to get around but wish our hotel had a pool.  It is hot and steamy, except in the morning, so we're not loving that

April Z.
09/19/2011 8:42pm

So glad to hear that you arrived safely and that Eva is with you! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures!!

09/20/2011 2:36am

Good to know that things are going well! I can't wait to see your pictures!

09/20/2011 3:54am

HOORAH - congratulations on the new addition - so very happy for you guys!

If you want to e-mail me anything I'd be happy to 'ghost post' for you - whatever might make life easier for you!

Enjoy GZ - it's a happy place for us!

hugs - HOORAH - aus and co.

09/20/2011 10:16am

So happy you are finally together!!

09/20/2011 6:30pm

Congratulations! Hope you have a smooth journey through all your travels. Hoping for some pictures too.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Three Years!

09/23/2011 6:36pm

Ruby, so glad to hear all is going well. The time goes by so fast and you are already on your way to Guangzhou!
Take Care!


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