That word about sums up the last few days for me.  Wednesday afternoon I couldn't get warm, but the heat also hadn't been working on my side of the building (a very chronic problem) so I explained it away.  Just after midnight I woke on a wave of nausea and barely made it to the bathroom in time.  About every two hours after that until 11:30 in the morning I was making the same rush.  Although I know it was a bad stomach bug that is still bothering me today, I will probably never eat homemade macaroni and cheese again.  It will join lobster and rum on my list of never to be touched, smelled, or looked at again.

Mom also began a quick decline this week.  On Wednesday she was "stuck" in her hall, unable to use her feet to move.  So we are now on 24/7 detail to keep her company and make sure that she can get about, etc.  My sister who is one year younger than me has been doing the bulk of the work, but she is now on a much-needed cruise (in addition to caring for Mom every morning she is in her 20th and last year of teaching kindergarten twice a day and also running a bakery, catering, and nutrition counseling business).  So last night I spent the night on Mom's couch and will be doing it again tonight.  There are plenty of people to take care of her, but only three daughters nearby and only two of us in town, and Mom is extremely modest so she's much more comfortable with one of us attending to personal needs (I'm just like her that way).  So while I'm more than happy to be able to care for her, and consider it a privilege in fact, it is still a big Ugh!
30 Years Ago This Summer
(I graduated at 16; Mom would have been just short of 52)


02/19/2011 10:12am

Hey guys - so sorry to hear you've been under the weather - we're kind of wrapping that thing up now.

As for Mom - we'll keep her and you guys in our hearts and prayers - it's just - yeah - hard isn't the right word - but close....

As for the pic's and getting the infamous DTC - the pics look great - and it's really kind of a cause for celebration - from here on out there's really nothing to do but wait!

hugs - prayers too - aus and co.

02/20/2011 7:07pm

So sorry to hear about your mom. I too care for an elderly aunt. It is hard at times but wouldn't have it any other way. I am sure you understand. Hope you feel better soon.

02/21/2011 6:01am

Ruby, Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather and sorry to hear about your Mom too! You are in my prayers!

02/24/2011 11:38am

sorry to hear about your mom...i lost my mom 7 years ago when she was just 58. I took care of her in the end too. Not easy.

on another note, my disney store has Mulan Barbie-type dolls for $10. if you want one, let me know and I can pick one up. I got Olivia Mulan and Shang for her birthday


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