My sister's son has been on tv a few times.  He is a professional poker player.  Sometimes he's on American tv, sometimes on tv in other countries.  But now his wife has done her first television spot which is exciting!   She was on CBS Austin today decorating Valentine's Day cookies.  In the summer she is here in NH with my sister running their organic bakery.  In Texas she is teaching cooking lessons to girls.  Here is her short video clip:

02/09/2011 4:48am

Very cool video spot (love the accent too!!) and great package to celebrate CNY! Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

hugs - aus and co.

Christine Weaver
02/12/2011 11:52am

comment on Shall Run and Not Weary: Yes we did file for our adoption tax credit, but were not eligible to use any of it (lower income, too many kids)
So we still have all of Faith's adoption credit sitting there...most of Hope's credit was never used.


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